Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Frustration of a Dress

How can something so serene, so pure and so beautiful cause me so much despair?

It seems like every dress picture in every magazine and on every website are meant for people who are so insecure of themselves that they need a million Swarski crystals to make up for it.

What ever happened to simple elegance? Grace Kelly (the late Princess of Monaco) rarely wore any jewelry except the occasional appearance of pearls and she remained renowned for her inner and outer beauty...and sheer sophistication.

I really don't want to have to get a dress made, but if I have to, I must. I will try shopping around first. The good news is that I found one place in North York that will rent the same dresses that one can buy. Sigh, to only find one within budget... I refuse to pay more than $350 for a dress that I will only wear once, but I still do not want to look cheap as I walk down the aisle. To only find a happy medium.

It's not that I am stressed, but only wondering how long it will take me to find a dress...

Anyway, these are all some of my favorite dresses, but I would love to find one with vintage flare.

I do believe that the right one will come along as since God had His hand in getting Adam and I together, I'm completely sure that His hand will be in all the details of the wedding, too.