Monday, April 16, 2007

A Snowy Cleveland Easter

This year's Easter was a bit odd for us. Don't get me wrong...It was so much fun. But who knew that a weatherman's call for a chance of flurries would turn into over a foot of snow!

That's right. Snow!

The weekend started with Good Friday. Just like always, we were at church for most of the day because of the services. I didn't sing as my voice was (and is) quite low and still off-key after my long bout with larangitis. Adam came back with us that night to cut down on his driving time, and the next morning, his parents came to pick him up. But, for my Easter gift, Adam gave me Hopper, the cutest little green frog. So, he came along for the car ride...

Then we were off. Just after we crossed the border, the snow squalls came. Then, the farther and farther we drove, the colder and more snowy it got. Then came Cleveland. It was hilarious! I know April can be strange and stormy, but an actual snow storm?

Our time spent at Connie and Mike's home was really nice. They had everyone over for an Easter dinner and, just like always, Connie's food was more than fantastic. Personally, she could completely be a chef (or sous chef) in one of the swankier restaurants in downtown Toronto. With her ablility to cook and plate what she has made, she'd be wonderful. But it was not just the food that was was the people, too! It was so nice to have had the chance to visit with everyone. Plus, the family was so happy to have both Grandma and Dennis in Cleveland. Hopefully, they'll both come down again for the next Cleveland Bukvic family gathering!

After that night's fun, we all left to find almost a foot of snow outside with more coming down and no sign of the clouds letting up. It was really funny. Who knew that we'd have a green Christmas and then a white Easter?

(The picture at the beginning is what Connie and Mike's street looked like. Those were some huge snowflakes!)

Anyway, the next day we went to Marilyn and Mark's church for Easter mass. Dana did such a great job in the children's choir, and it was so nice to see the entire family involved in the mass. I love going to Catholic mass, but that had to have been the most contemporary mass I've ever been to. It was an interesting mix of traditions and today's Christian music. I loved it!

Then afterward, we all meant back to their house where everyone spent the rest of the day. The family came over and it was really nice. The party was great as it gave everyone a chance to visit with each other.

We left the Monday morning...It was so sad!

I didn't want to go, but we had to. When we got back home, I took the car out to drop off the bagels and Trix that I had bought for Adam (and the latte, too), but also to see how he was doing. Poor guy was writing a paper, but it was nice to stop by. He enjoyed the break, too! He just wished that he could have come down with us...

...but as I told him, there will be many more chances for that. I was just glad to see that he was feeling better.


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