Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Verbal Explosion

It seems as though I find myself, everyday, becoming more and more disgusted with the way my generation is not only behaving, but eating, smoking, chatting and interacting. Before I continue, I mean none of this in any bad or hurtful way, but I do want this to be considered as a reflection on us as a self-centered society. So, pardon this rant; however, if I do not express it here, harmlessly, then I might just verbally explode on the next unfortunate idiot who decides that holding in that last drag on his cigarette (and releasing it upon sitting next to me on the bus) is acceptable behavior. Which, please note, IT IS NOT...


Let's get one thing straight: Not only is this a gross and deadly habit to the smoker, but it is also just as nasty to the people around who prefer to not have their life shortened by you and your wands of death. Do you know how annoying you are, especially when you smoke in line-ups or at public events? The exact equal of your puffing away would be the same as if I, hypothetically, took an aerisol can full of toxic fumes and released it in your face. Would you enjoy it? My guess is that you wouldn't. However, you would be going to the police and your lawyer to press charges of attempted murder. Let's change this back, shall we? Now, think of how we feel when us non-smokers complain about having to breathe in your smoke and all you do is play a very unsuitable I-have-my-rights card. Besides, with all that rat poison you're inhaling, you may as well go and wrap those lips of yours around a tailpipe. Yum! Pardon all that sarcasm, but do you not see? You are committing a slow and cancerous suicide. Life is valuable...don't ruin it because you think smoking makes you look "cool."


I was forced to witness the most horrible stomach offence known to man's digestive tract: Pop-Eye's Chicken and Biscuts. This young twenty-something, who was already far over his BMI, was rudely devouring his fried drumsticks and fries. If you could have only seen the grease that had not only made the bag clear, but that was dripping over everything! I felt like I was watching "Fear Factor." Yes, it was that bad. I sat there, unable to eat my own veggie pasta, but also feeling very sad for him. Here was a guy who should be enjoying the prime of his life, but instead, he sat on the edge of a very generous cafe chair, unable to fit himself between the armrests. Simply put: Why? As he sat there sucking every last bit of grease and batter from the chicken, cardboard container, and even his fingers, I began to question the reasons for this. Does he not know about healthy eating? Is this a way of taking his mind off really bothers him? Does he just not care? I don't believe in being size obsessed, but rather health focused. It really doesn't matter what size a person is, however what does matter is how heathy their heart and lungs are. Besides, that extra weight around the mid-section is what leads to heart disease.

The Evil iPod

I know that y'all love your music, and that even more of you love the status symbol of the white earbuds. I totally get it because this need for status that was the reason I began drinking Starbucks (before I apprecieated the taste of fantastic coffee and espresso). It's the joys of being a consumer. But let's all understand something:

Not ALL of us want to hear what's on YOUR playlist!

I personally am against the daily use of earbuds/ headphones as they can damage your hearing, but this goes way beyond that. I pay, along with many other fellow students, a good amount of cash to have the ability to ride the GO bus to and from the campus in comfy quietness. We gladly share our row, and we'll even offer an armrest as a sign of kindness and comradery, but we really don't want to overhear your favorite rendition of "Stairway to Heaven" for the entire ride to school. It's bad enough that the valley girl behind is telling her girlfriend about her awesome "night" last night (and no, there was no sleep involved), therefore, your mix of music added to the already present racket isn't quite what we all paid for. Why can't we all just turn off the cell phones and music players and just enjoy the noiseless drive down the 407? Would it really kill you to just sit there for 25 minutes?

I really could go on, but now that I feel so much better as to have had the opportunity to get all this off my chest, I really should get to class as it starts in ten. I'm not perfect and I know that there are lots of things about me that most likely drive people into insanity, but at least I try to be mindful of others...That's all I really ask.


At Friday, September 29, 2006 2:35:00 PM, Blogger Hannah said...

Hey! The nuit blanche sounds amazing! I left you a message earlier at home; it's fine for you to stay over tomorrow night,(or was it tonight, either is fine!) but are you planning on going to bed if it's the art thing??!

At Friday, October 20, 2006 7:46:00 PM, Anonymous penman83 said...

Hey! You're an idiot... I'm surfing the web, and I come across someone who posts an entry entitled 'A Verbal Explosion' and you ask them about nuit blanche? You're an idiot! Comment on her work! Or her ideas! Or don't comment and send her an email instead! This is a blog, not a message board.

At Monday, July 09, 2007 2:30:00 AM, Blogger Amy said...

Dude, I'm not going to delete your comment only because I'm not going to start to sensor my blog, you're the village idiot with regards to this one. Two things: NEVER EVER propose any distaste to my friends or their thoughts/views as they are free to write and ask whatever they so please, and secondly, what right have you to stumble upon my blog so rudely? However complimented I might feel by your attention to my work, that still leaves you no right to tarnish my comments section with your meaningless words.

And yes, this is a blog, but it is also a message board...but you should know that if you actually paid attention to my written purpose of my blog.


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