Monday, September 04, 2006

One Busy Summer

Wow! Life's been so very busy. There has been a lot going on this summer, so let me fill you in:

(1) Soulhouse Community Youth Drop-in

I haven't had this much fun at work in ages. Everyday, I spent over five hours on public transit, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat because I wouldn't trade this summer's experiences for the world! I had the chance to go to work each day, spend it with my friend, Steve, and have fun with the kids. It was awesome. Plus, it gave me the opportunity to get closer with Tabitha and her parents (friends of the family) as well as meet some new people like Adam and Seth and all their councillors. Because of this job, I was able to pay off my tuition and then come out ahead by $1,300! I can't thank God enough!

(2) Casey's Bar and Grill

Yep, I'm still there. Sometimes, I really hate my job, but all the servers and I are so close, especially Michelle, that I can't leave. Besides, even amidst the stupidity that arises there, it is such a great opportunity to talk about God.

(3) "The Super Summer Series: City Adventures"

Every Thursday, Steve and I would take the kids somewhere downtown. We've been to the Islands, Ontario Place, bowling, Kensington Market, Chinatown, a Blue Jays game, Buskerfest, the CNE and even a scavenger hunt on the TTC! It was great! The kids got to see some stuff that they've never experienced before and Steve and I got to forge some great relationships with the kids. My favorite day was Buskerfest because it was cheap on the wallet, but full of amazing and wacky fun!

Watching the break-dancing outside of St. Lawrence Market...It was really cool!

The mime girl promoting street theatre. She was excellent and I loved her quiet interaction.

Last, but not least...

(4) My Social Life

I've had some nice chats with old and new friends alike. Every Tuesday night, Tabitha would let me bunk at her house. We've had some fun times this summer planning her wedding, laughing at the foolies of men and discussing the silly politics of The Peoples Church. Then, I'd also have dinners at A&W or at Chapters with Adam, Seth and Antonette from Camp Highlife, or with Marielle or Steve. Oh, and I can't forget the fantastic chats over lattes with Adam...such a great conversationalist and what a sense of humor!

As for my dating life, it's pretty much non-existant. But that's okay as I know that God has something in store for me...I just have to be patient. That one guy from the choir hasn't gotten the hints (note the plural) that I'm not interested. I had and still have a crush on this one guy from Peoples due to his phenominal personality, but I've learned very quickly that if there is ever a chance in heck for me to go out with him, it's going to have to be a God-thing. (I do have to say that not only does he have a spectacular personality, but the icing on this cake is that he is very good-looking, too!) I figure I can pray about it!

Anyway, I do have to go. The three beers I had tonight at our Labor Day family BBQ are wearing off and I'm getting sleepy. God bless and take care.


...and the Pumkin Spice lattes from Starbucks came out this past Tuesday. Yay! Fall is here!

Try this next time you ask for your latte:
"A triple restretto, two percent, venti Pumpkin Spice latte."

It's breakfast in a cup...Yum!


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