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Nuit Blanche Toronto

I'm so excitied! The Parisian night owl art exhibit has finally reached our city! What I love about this is that it is a full night of experimental and contemporary art meant to expand the public's horizons of what art "is" as a whole. The plan is to go down and experience this fun which I hope returns again next year as an annual event.

So, I have included the major bits of information, as well as maps, from their official website at:
About "scotiabank nuit blanche"
a free, all-night contemporary art thing
The literal English translation of Nuit Blanche is "White Night," a term used to describe a natural phenomenon that occurs at high latitudes where the dusk meets the dawn. It refers to a night without darkness; a night for new discoveries; a sleepless night.

From sunset at 7:01 pm on September 30 to sunrise at 7:15 am on October 1, 2006, Toronto will be buzzing with activity as we break down the barriers between art and public space. For one sleepless night the familiar will be discarded and Toronto will become an artistic playground for a series of exhilarating contemporary art experiences. Scotiabank Nuit Blanche is a free city-wide event featuring more than 130 contemporary art projects for you to discover.

The Zones

For Nuit Blanche, Toronto has been divided into three zones encompassing more than 130 destinations. Within each zone you'll find a mix of Nuit Blanche exhibitions, My Secret City exhibitions and Independent Projects. The challenge -- explore them all in one night!

Note that the use of TTC would be the best, however, I would suggest using a taxi for more of the shadier areas of Toronto. (Let's face it people: It's a great city, but there are at least a few areas that I'd not want to be at in the wee morning hours!)

Here are some interesting exhibits in Zone A:

Kelly Mark

Installed at a street intersection, where people are forced to pause, this sign asks one to also pause one's mind . . . to "hold that thought" . . . if for only a moment.

Carlos Garaicoa, Henry Erick, Jose Toirac, Lazaro Saavedra and Cimarron

A special night of Cuban contemporary art, video and music.

Cuban curator Magda Gonzales Mora presents a programme of provocative, uncensored video works titled "Plus ça Change: New video from Cuba." The popular Afro-Cuban salsa band Cimarron performs an upbeat concert of danceable rhythms. Delicious Cuban food and beverages are available for purchase in The Rotunda Café. And be sure to visit "Carlos Garaicoa," the new exhibition presented by the ROM's Institute for Contemporary Culture. One of Cuba's leading contemporary artists, Garaicoa creates beautiful, thought-provoking artworks reflecting a culture where political idealism is disconnected from day-today reality.

And at Zone B...

Chris Curreri

Viewed only from the street, as one walks along Baldwin, passers-by will be treated to a neon love poem glowing from above. All Elvis Presley song titles, the glowing text anonymously announces itself from the second floor windows of Baldwin Street residences.

Samuel Roy-Bois

Creating an impromptu gathering place, a dance floor welcomes passers-by to spend time dancing or simply watching others move to a lively soundtrack.

Darren O'Donnell

Ballroom Dancing, an all-ages dance party, is a public forum for children and adults to play together all night long in a room filled with thousands of rubber balls.
Dare to dance with Darren O'Donnell to the tunes of his team of 10-year-old DJs. Children and adults alike are invited to play in a gymnasium transformed, disco lights and all, into a kid's ball-room-meets-nightclub DJ-ed by children. Reclaim the perception of the public sphere as a place of safety and communication, rather than danger and atomization. Participate in an exciting and unusual opportunity for 10-year olds to assert their identities. Give children control of the playlist and relinquish your own inhibitions.

How often do you give yourself over and dance with abandon to Sean Paul? Rest assured if 10-year-old kids are DJ-ing, you'll likely hear him more than once.
A nap area is provided for adults who need to crash.

Darren O'Donnell's barber is 10 years old. O'Donnell is a Toronto-based writer, director, actor, and the artistic director of Mammalian Diving Reflex (Haircuts by Children). The Globe and Mail says, "He writes like a sugar-addled genius at 300 km/hr."

...Lastly Zone C...

Christie Pearson with FM3, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Tim Hecker, Luis Jacob, Raz Mesinai, Orixasound, Sarah Peebles, Sandro Perri/Polmo Polpo, Ghislain Poirier, Marina Rosenfeld, Sickness Crew, and Windy & CarlInstallation

Artist/Architect Christie Pearson is obsessed with swimming pools. The existing environment of a Community Centre pool is transformed to recall an ancient forum from a city of the past - a Roman Bath - suggesting alternative ways of occupying public space.

Bring your bathing suit to Night Swim, a 12-hour swimming party with DJs. Explore the typical bathing sequence of the Roman Bath. Move in stages through leisure spaces with distinct temperatures, acoustic experiences, and potential activities. Linger in the Tot's Pool hot-tub turned caldarium. Soak up hourly sets by local and international sound artists. While floating on your back in the main pool get lost in reflection in the giant overhead mirror. Some spaces are about socializing, some about observing, some about listening, and some about your own experience. All connect you in slightly unusual ways to your senses, and - most importantly - to a new community.

Christie Pearson, the co-curator of the WADE festival of art in wading pools, helps design Community Centres in Toronto, including Trinity Bellwoods.

Bathing suits are not required to participate but are required to swim. Towels provided.

Official Survival Guide

Where will you be at 3 am? Whether you sleep in Saturday morning or take an afternoon nap, arrive at Nuit Blanche well rested and ready for a sleepless night.

There are a few items you should consider bringing with you on this adventure: Comfortable shoes are essential for an all-night trek! Check the weather forecast and dress appropriately -- you may need an umbrella or clothing layers for cool weather. Other ideas include a blanket for spontaneous picnics and catnaps, plus coffee, tea, water and snacks for quick rejuvenation at 4:30 am. Bring a camera, a flashlight, your swimsuit and lots of friends, but most importantly bring an open mind and an all-nighter attitude!

You'll find everything you need to start your explorations in each zone at a Scotiabank Information Hub. Look for these three unique destinations:

Zone A Hub: Village of Yorkville Park

Zone B Hub: Butterfield Park

Zone C Hub: Trinity Bellwoods Park

Food & Drink
You'll find a selection of restaurants, bars and convenience stores open throughout the night near the three exhibition sites. Plus, look for the Food & Drink symbol throughout this website. A number of the Independent Project venues are offering late night refreshments in their restaurants and bars. Call ahead to confirm hours and menus.

Contemporary art refers to the work being created by artists today in the present era. This is art that reflects and addresses the challenging themes and dilemmas of our times. Utilizing current practices, styles and mediums, artists push the boundaries with provocative ideas and strive to evoke lively debate within our urban centres. Through Scotiabank Nuit Blanche you can participate in these discussions and become a part of the contemporary understanding of visual art, culture and the social consciousness of our communities.

Trained guides and educators, called docents, are on site at most of the commissions to offer information and facilitate your understanding and enjoyment of the exhibitions. The docents worked with the artists and curators to develop an understanding of their work, the creative process and how to interpret the work so that they are able to share this information with you.

Maps & Signs
Scotiabank Nuit Blanche sites are spread across three zones. On this website you will find a map for each zone showing the location of each event site. Each site has been assigned a number that will appear on the map and it will also appear on the identifying sign when you arrive at the site location. Curated Exhibition projects have been assigned square symbols, My Secret City has triangle symbols and all Independent Projects are indicated by circles.

Hope you can make it as it might never return to the city again if we don't patron it!


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