Monday, February 05, 2007

Fantastically Fun January...and February

I know that my last post was a little on the serious side. I couldn't help it. My winter blahs came early. But, ever since I wrote it, life has been grand! All of January and this first week of February has been full of exciting, new adventures with friends and family. We had our junior high retreat, my birthday was the best one yet and this past weekend was a total blast as I helped out with my church's "Go" missions day and I took Adam out for a lacrosse game and dinner. It's been awhile since I last wrote, so let me explain in more detail:

The Junior High Retreat

The junior high retreat was a blast! Adam, Seth, Steve B., Antoinette, Steve M. and myself took about 20 kids and two CPR band members up to Medeba for the weekend of the 19th-21st of January. There was lots of indoor rock climbing, candy from the camp store, snow, ziplines, high ropes, seminars and dancing to our theme song "Undignified." It was great. Our goal as leaders for the weekend was to show the kids that you can find God even when media is telling you otherwise, and not to give into the pressures of the secular world of false perfection. The two stories of the weekend: Seth got hit with a muffler that came flying through the bus window and bounced of his head (he got stitches) and Nick and Adam had their Epic Battle...they fight and love each other like brothers...hahaha. Check out our video summary by clicking on "Epic Battle" above. It was a truly special few days as we saw kids being inspired by God and His love for them!

My 21st Birthday

For my birthday, Adam took me out to do what we love the most: Exploring the downtown core and Queen St. West as there's always so much to do and see! After making smoothies for breakfast, we headed downtown on the subway. We got off at Eaton Center and when we finally made it outside, we realized that it was the weekend of "Winter City," Toronto's free winter festival. So we walked through the painted ice exhibit and took our picture there, then headed back out into the cold to listen to the rock group on the stage. We then saw a tent for Buckley's Cough and Cold medicine, where we agreed to try their syrup on camera for a chance to make it on their Cross-Canada Buckley's commercial. Adam's used to the stuff, but I felt like hurling. It was gross stuff, but apparently, my face was hilarious! Then, the Amex tent was offering a chance to make your own ad, just like the ones you see in print or on television, so we both figured, "Hey...Why not?"

We then headed down Queen St. to just take in that crazy shopping district. We stopped into Starbucks to warm up. Let me just say, the restretto venti, light whip, two percent Cinnamon Dolce Latte on a brisk day truly hits the spot. It was nice. We just sat there chatting about everything under the sun for about an hour. We had the corner table by the window, so we got to people watch, too, as we all know how creative and individualistic Queen can be on any given day. We even got a chuckle from the table beside us as I took this picture of Adam and his new Buckley's spoon.

After, Adam had made reservations down at Joe Badali's for an early dinner so me could bus back home for birthday pie with the family, so we strolled down to the restaurant. We arrived a little early, so we stopped into this native art gallery to look around before going into the restaurant. They had some really nice pieces in there. I still would love to own a small inuksuk someday...They are so simple, yet beautiful. Anyway, our dinner was great, by the way. The service was awesome and so was their food. If you ever go, I completely recommend their bruscetta with the roasted vegetables and the bellinis were fabulous! Not to mention their pasta...yum!

We finally made it home after a long and sleepy subway/bus ride, but when we got there, there was birthday apple pie and gifts. Mom, you make one mean pie! It was such a great birthday, and I believe that it was the best one yet!

Go Missions at The Peoples Church and Lacrosse

From Thursday through Saturday, the day of the event, Adam, Sandra, Steve B., and I worked to paint and create the model of urban living. We drew and painted three murals, then set up a couple classrooms to show an urban apartment, what it's like to show with very little money and what could happen if you can't make it on the money you earn (homelessness and street performers). It was all interactive and the people got fake Canadian money before entering the exhibit. It worked out really well as it gave an inside look at what happens in our city every day:

Then, in the big gym, the Base band CPR played as people took apart in making personalized cards and shirts for certain individuals who were shut-ins or wo lived in a shelter. There where booths set up so that people could find out more info on the missions and shelters within our city. It was such a successful day and so many people really enjoyed it.

After we cleaned up, Adam and I headed down to the Air Canada Centre for his Christmas gift from me: a lacrosse game between the Toronto Rock and the Buffalo Bandits, and dinner out afterward. The game was so fastpaced and exciting. Adam loved it because he is a fan of the Rock, plus he plays lacrosse during the summer. After, we went out to Jack Astor's for dinner. By the end of the night, we were pooped! It was a long weekend, but so much fun. Life really is so wonderful and fantastic. I just can't wait to see what this coming month has in store!


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