Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Returned Again and Once More

It's been a very long while, hasn't it? I'm terribly sorry. I said that I sould write, but life got the better of me and swept me up into its chaotic billows this past summer. I began and finished a part time job with my church's television website, I went to Cuba (which is a story all unto itself) and our family also visited NYC over the week of Independence Day (in celebration of Mom and Dad's 25th wedding anniversary).

And by the time life let go of my schedule, school happened. There was really no chance to breathe, but I had such a wonderful summer doing things that I normally wouldn't get a chance to do.

For now, I say adieu, however I will return again and once more with stories, pictures and much more.

Take care and until next time, ponder this:

"There's more to life than just tying your shoes. Just don't forget to look back up..." Anonymous