Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Enrollment Time

I hate enrollment time for York University. I hate that it is all computerized and that sometimes the system gets so overloaded that you can't actually access the system...or you get kicked out of it. Yuck! Well, on the bright side of things, Jeff (the youth pastor at The Peoples Church) is letting me use his computer to enrol. So, that should mean an easier time for me as his Mac is superfast.

Hopefully, I'll get into the courses that I want, but I guess that I'll see. Meanwhile, while I wait for my access time to begin, I just keep praying that this next school year will be more want I wanted than the last two!


Sunday, June 11, 2006

Worship, Men and Hiking Boots

We just had the best concert of worship tonight at church. It was really an emotional time for all of us...we sang, lifted our hands and closed our eyes so the we could feel His awesome power. Plus, it was quite the blessing to have Hiram Joseph, Pat Russel and Marlene O'Neill up there with us. I find those three proof of what God can do with the gifts that He gives us. It was just a fantastic night!

However, I've had sort of a bizarre last few weeks with men. I've gone out a few times with this one guy that asked me out when I was still working at Booster Juice. It's funny...Mr. Gorgeous (who even has his own car unlike you-know-who) walks into my life and go figure: I'm not one bit attracted to him! Sigh, life. But, I guess that's good, though. He's not a Christian and he's not quite my type. You see, I find men in hiking boots totally sexy. For me, if he looks like a posterboy for North Face, I'm drooling...of course, in a lady-like manner! Hahaha. Anyway, getting to the point, he made a crack about how gross my hiking shoes are when he asked me out. Mr. Right just became Mr. Wrong, or shall I say Mr. Idiot!

Then, yesterday (Saturday), I had choir rehersal in the morning, so I was out at Peoples. After practice, a lot of us went out to support the kids running the donation car wash for the DCLA missions trip. Choir Guy and I wound up talking and then spent the afternoon hanging out. We went skating and then hit Starbucks for frappaccinos. I haven't been more comfortable or had more fun with someone of the opposite sex in a long time. I think that it was the fun of having something social to do with my time. Then, today, we spent the day around each other because of the concert...but after, he came up behind me, put his hand on my shoulder and asked to talk to me. I told him, "of course," and he started to apologize for his behavior. I hadn't noticed it. Anyway, he said that he might not return to the choir in the fall and I replied with a, "Well, you'll be missed."

Now I am worried. What if he likes me as more than a friend. Great...this should a blast...(note the sarcasm).

Anyway, I'm going to finish watching the 60th Tony Awards then head to bed. I have to be at work tomorrow for 9am. I still have to prepare as doing it in the morning tends to lend to forgetfulness!

This picture is last year's feature on Spam-a-Lot.