Monday, May 07, 2007

Fresh Summer

Well, I didn't get the job at the church. Perhaps, it's God's way of leading me into a completely new work experience to accompany my new apartment. An opportunity has presented itself, but I want to wait to hear back before I write about it. Also, I still have to unpack all my stuff, but I can do that later this week.

And, Fresh Festival went incredibly well. Starfield led us in worship and Tony Campolo ended off the night with a talk about missions. This coming weekend, we've 30HFamine. It's never ending, but fun as ever. It's an honor to be a leader with all that's going on at out church right now. It's so neat to see teens and tweens being led to follow a life with God and with His mission: to be a disciple for Christ.

So, it's a fresh summer...

I call it adventure!


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