Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Prose and Poem

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday this past Christmas season and that getting into the swing of things hasn't been too hard. That's what I hate the most about New Year's: I dislike the need to return to daily life after joyously partying with the world through the entire month of December. January would be depressing, but lucky for me, it includes my birthday.

This year is my twenty-first and I get to spend it at work. Yay! My hope is that I'll be able to switch it with someone for another day during the week as I can't afford to take anymore days off from Casey's. But, friends have been asking if I am going to have another party like last year, and my original plan was to do so, but ever since Sassafraz caught fire and burned to a rubble, I suppose that won't be happening. Besides, I hate planning my own party. It's too weird. I do love it when other people plan them though. (That last statement was not a hint, but simply an observation. I feel weird bringing attention to myself for my own party. It's just a thing I find difficult.)

Anyway, I could keep complaining how "my day" won't be quite as I had hoped due to some scheduling issues, but then I realized how self-centered that would seem...and how much it truly is. After all, I have a wonderful family (however strange at times) who loves each other, I have a truly fantastic boyfriend whom I wouldn't trade for anything in the world and who makes me appreciate life so dearly, and I have a Heavenly Father who could have given up on me, on us, some two thousand years ago, but instead used His own life to save ours.

Then I thought: My birthday is going to be special no matter what...I have health, friends and family. What's not to be joyous about?

So, I'm going to turn my dreary month of January and not only get back into the swing of things, but love every minute of every day. So, take that self-pity!

Heart of Worth

For it is
but not of worth
but of heart,
for worth not come by well
is not well at all
if it is not accomplished with
and with life of
for heart with poor motive
isn't heart at all
if it is not accompanied with
and with lofty
For all it is
is simply simple
and simply complex:

As all is judged of worth
but derived of heart.