Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lawns, Life and a Misunderstanding

I know that it's been awhile since I've written, but life's been kind of crazy around here. Dad and I have been outside working on the garden and lugging more dirt than I'd ever wish to carry. Don't get me wrong...I absolutely LOVE working on the garden and landscaping. It's great exercise! Anyway, it's looking really good. Dad and I finished all the wiring for the lights on Monday. Some stupid rabbit chewed through the original wiring, so we had to remove all the lights and start all over again. It took us a few hours, but now the rock borders of the gardens are all lit. As soon as I can post some pictures, I will.

The only thing about all this work was that, well, I was a little tired Sunday morning. As normal, I didn't eat breakfast because it's way too early in the morning to eat anything. By the end of the worship part of the service, I blacked out. Yep, I blacked out right there in the choir, in front of the whole congregation...and as soon as my vision came back, I ran out. All I know is that when I got out into the back hallway, some cute doctor was waiting for me. He had me sit down so he could take my blood pressure and ask me if I was pregnant. I started laughing. I couldn't help it...Me? Pregnant? Besides, I was so out of it that I was shaking to begin with, so when he asked me that I lost it. Hahaha...But he was really sweet. He even came to find me later that morning so he could check on me. Now all the ladies that sit with me joke around about him. Ruth, the lady that sits beside me didn't say "Hi!" but "Did you see a wedding ring?" They're a funny bunch!

Work is a little crazy right now. Why, you ask? Well, there was this misunderstanding at Booster Juice between the owner's wife and myself. Simply, they didn't schedule me for two weeks straight because of something she "thinks" she heard. In a nutshell, I made a joke about the store being so busy early in the mornings that you would almost need to close for 5mins just to clean the blenders. (I would open the store and work by myself until noon and during most of that time, the line-up would be out to the door. We have to clean our own blenders while making smoothies, sandwiches and doing cash.) Anyway, I had joked around with one of the guys there, who is dating another girl there, who happens to be the step-daughter of the owner! It's like some soap episode! So after what I said travelled through a game of broken telephone, I got in trouble for "closing the store to clean." Yikes! So, I think it's all settled now, but instead of my four 6hr shifts a week, I'm down to two. I think I might have to find another job...

Well, it's now noon and JAG will be coming on and I have a quiche that I have to get into the oven. Thanks for the visit and for being patient as I took a break from blogging! God bless!